Best Oxo cold brew coffee maker Canada | Review 2021

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cold brew coffee maker oxo

Oxo cold brew coffee maker canada, it is summertime, it is time to put away the hot coffee and cold brew is the way to go. 

Sony refreshing. It’s really smooth because it uses a very long Viewing Process. And it’s really great.

So let me show you all the components of this Oxo system, and we’ll give it a run and we’ll see how it works. 

So the first thing you need to do is you need to get 10 ounces of freshly ground course coffee.


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OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Perfect cold brew coffee making for your home simple to use for oxo cold brew coffee maker.

oxo cold brew coffee

coffee ground or coffee beans (cold brew coffee maker oxo)

Now I’ve got my own grinder( oxo coffee grinder) so I’m going to grind my own but if you don’t have your own grinder, you can always get your bag of coffee ground and wherever you purchase it.

So that’s the first thing you want to do, it’s always best to use the freshest ground coffee that you can. These are the components, this is the brewing container oxo cold brew coffee maker Canada.

Coffee Grinding (oxo cold brew)

oxo cold brew coffee making whole beans grinding setting for medium-coarse ground coffee grinds find for best cold brew coffee and good taste feeling in flavor.

oxo coffee brew (paper filter or stainless steel mesh filter)

This is got a stainless steel mesh filter in the bottom of it, and optionally they do give you a starter pack of paper filters if you want to put a paper filter in there, that’ll just be something you can decide whether you want to use that or not.

oxo cold coffee maker canada

How to brew oxo cold brew coffee maker canada

How to set up oxo cold brew coffee maker Canada

then this is the brewing stand, so once we’re ready to go here, this goes on top of the brewing stand. This is the craft that will slide in here. Once the coffee has brewed the allotted amount of time.
RAINMAKER TOP COLD BREWThis is simply a stopper cap that you can put in here in between uses of your concentrate. And then finally this is the. They call this the Rainmaker. This is what you will pour your water into.
Once you’ve got all your ground coffee in here now I’ve only got about half the amount of coffee in here, so I have to continue grinding, so I will be back in just a minute.

COLD BREW GROUND, GRINDING COFFEE BEANSAll right, this is 40 ounces of water and I’m going to pour the 40 ounces of water into my coffee grounds, coarse ground 10 ounces of coarse ground coffee.

 as I mentioned earlier, then I’m going to be putting this on top and this is going to, you can either leave this on your counter, or you can put it in your refrigerator, 

oxo cold brew coffee (time waiting)

it needs to brew for anywhere from at least 12 hours but up to 24 hours.
And that is the process and then when you’re ready to actually brew it, it’ll be a concentrate at this point and it’s going to brew into this.

 So basically after your 20 or 24 hours or whatever is up, you put this crap underneath, and then this little lever here pushes up these prongs right here.

And that lets the brewed coffee drip into the craft here, and you will have your concentrate right here and then you can use the stopper to close it up in between uses.

So that is what we’re going to do, and so I’m going to put the Rainmaker on top here, and I am going to get my water and we’re just going to basically pour around here and the Rainmaker all of those basically disperse the water a little more evenly into the ground.

oxo 24 oz cold brew coffeecold brew coffee collect percolate (concentrate setup)

So I do want to point out, make sure that this lever is in the up position, because if it’s in the down position, that is actually going to release the water, and you may not have the crap under it. As I don’t.

So that would be kind of a mess if you were to do that. So I’ve got all the water in here it’s just going to percolate, and we’re just going to let this sit I’m actually going to put mine into the refrigerator.

 let it sit in there for about 20 hours. And the next time you see me we will hopefully have our cold brew concentrate, we’re ready to rock and roll.

12 hours I’m going to not go the full 20 or 24 hours. I know I said earlier I was going to put this in my refrigerator but I did just leave it on the counter. 

So it’s been 12 hours, and that is the consistency doesn’t even look like there’s really enough liquid in here to drain out. But believe it or not, it’s, it is in there.

So we’re going to push this underneath the craft. I’m going to flip this lever, and we’re just going to let the concentrate drip out, and that might take a while probably take maybe 20 minutes or so important to get all the way out.

 then I’m actually going to probably get a silicone spoon and sort of press the grounds a little bit, just to make sure they’re all the way out, but I’ll get something like this and just sort of press the grounds down.

Now another thing I wanted to mention is this stopper actually also has a measuring capability in this line which is right down here by my thumb, that designates two ounces.
that’s a suggested amount that you can start with any weight to obviously can tailor to your taste, 

cold and hot coffee taste

but two ounces of concentrate is basically what you’re going to want to use and then you’ll add ice and water, and that’ll make your iced coffee drink.
And of course, you could also make hot coffee, you just need to have hot water instead of cold water, you’ll notice that the coffee is going to be a lot smoother and just basically a different taste experience.

 The equivalent late brewed hot coffee. So it’s really interesting. So we’ll check back with this one more time and do the final taste test. Just a couple of minutes.

All right, we’re at the end of our journey here this has been dripping for just about half an hour. 

You can see the drip rate is basically one drip every 10 or 15 seconds so we have gotten as much extraction out of there, who are possibly going to get.

If I take this off you can see where the original water level was up here. And also if I can get my little silicone spoon and press on these grounds you can see that there’s really nothing else coming out of here.

So we started with 40 ounces of water, and we’re ending up with, let’s spin this around so I can see the amount that can be extracted. So it’s just under 24 ounces so it looks like it’s about 22 ounces of concentrate, have been drawn out.

now what’s going to happen is I’m going to pull this out and put this in my refrigerator, as I pull this out, it should flip up this lever automatically just flipped, and that’ll prevent any more dripping.

cold brew coffee ratio

then this is your concentrate that you can again use the measuring cup here this line where my thumb is, is two ounces,

 they recommend a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 when you’re making your beverage, and of course, personal preference comes into play here, and it also depends on what kind of coffee you used,

how much cold brew coffee drink on one concentrate(oxo cold brew)

how much cold brew coffee drink on one concentrate(oxo cold brew)

whether your grind was a little more coarse than mine or the less coarse, all these are variables that are going to affect the final product that you get,

 but essentially you’ve got enough concentrate here to make 12 to 14 drinks, based on that one to two or one to three water ratio, and you can just keep this in your refrigerator, it’ll certainly keep for a few days.

all in all, it’s going to be really tasty you’re going to like it a lot. I like the unit overall, it’s very easy to put together and use. It’s a no-mess, kind of a thing. And it’s really great.

So what are you gonna do with all the coffee grounds you just gonna put them in the garbage can. 

 Let me give you a tip you can use these in your garden either collect these coffee grounds just spread them around.

Throughout your garden, it’ll be really beneficial to your plants. So let’s put our freshly brewed cold brew to the test. 

I’m going to pour out two ounces of this I’ve already got a couple of ice cubes in my glass. Smells great. And I’m just going to add a couple more ounces of water and go over here to my Aqua sauna-treated water.

There we go that’s about a one to three ratios. So, so that’s really smooth. Love it. So that’s about it I hope you enjoy your Oxo cold brew coffee maker Canada. I enjoy mine.

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