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Sboly Espresso Machine Reviews |Sboly Espresso Machine with Milk Frother

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sboly coffee maker

It is not only an espresso machine, but also a cappuccino,&latte machine! The milk steamer makes this coffee machine versatile and practical in making any, and all of your favorite hot beverages.

 Relax and enjoy a solitary hot beverage or make multiple drinks to enjoy with others, all done fast and efficiently. sboly espresso machine reviews.

Extremely important cautions!!sboly espresso machine with milk frother

ONLY use coarse coffee powder

No apply to use italian (fine) ground coffee,only use medium and coarse ground coffee (DIAMETER-0.5MM)

COARSE:Gose best with a french press brew that’s simlar to a sea- salt texture.french press espresso coffee

EXTRA COARSE:Brews best with a cold-brew to steep your coffee.making for best coffee for cold brew,nitro cold brew,cold brew coffee.etc

Coarse Coffee Grounds for French Press

burr coffee grinder

Secura Electric Burr Coffee Grinder


Coarse Coffee Grounds

The coarse the grind of coffee beans when the beans are big, and the grinding is done very little so that there are large particles of coffee beans.In the case of this,the hot water can only bind to the outside part of the grinds, and the is observed slowly when the water seeps from the outside to the inside gradually.using for sboly espresso machine reviews.


Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee|Smooth & Sweet 1 LB + Espresso


Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee


Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee|Smooth & Sweet

Is coarse ground coffee the same as ground coffee?

This involves adjusting your grinder to a coarse seeing and can only be achieved with a burr grinder, not with a blade grinder.

A very coarse grind is where we grind a little, resulting in large chunks of coffee beans. A very fine grind is Where we grind down our beans until they’re a gritty powder texture. with a coarse grind of coffee, our hot water binds to the outside of the individual grinds.


Do you prefer the convenience of ground Kona Coffee? No need to grind, just open the bag and brew. Or perhaps you count on the consistency, knowing we'll grind it exactly the same every time. Either way, it's simple to find your favorite ground Kona Coffee. Available in medium and dark roast.

What makes stronger coffee coarse or fine grind?

Buying whole bean coffee opens many doors to strong coffee because you can grind it as coarse or as fine as you like. Coarse coffee grounds

 We prefer a finer-than-usual grind to ensure maximum flavor. The finer the grind, the more flavor, but this doesn’t always work for a brew method that doesn’t catch fine pieces, such as a French press. Sboly espresso machine with milk frother

sboly coffee maker

NOT unscrew the lid during operation

Do not remove the filter holder or water reservoir cap during the operation and while the appliance is in a pressurized state and cooled down.

espresso portafilter ground
MAX line for grounds and water

Please note “2” means 2 shots, “4” means 4 shots.“4” is the max mark.

Note: Never fill past the Max mark (4-shot scale)

How to make a cappuccino or latte?
sboly espresso machine review,water


Use the   measuring carafe to determine the appropriate amount of water needed

espresso tamper


Add the desired amount of coffee using the measuring scoop

Note: Always use medium and coarse ground coffee (>0.5mm)

Sboly Espresso Machine reviews


Before the operation, the filter holder must be tightened to the “lock” position firstly.

sboly milk forther


pour milk or milk substitute into the mug, turn the knob to”steam”, submerge the frothing wand into the milk while rotating in a circular motion and allowing the steam process to commence sboly espresso machine reviews.

sboly espresso machine with milk forther


After the foaming process has caused the liquid to double in volume, turn the knob to the off position. milk frother sboly coffee maker


Turn the knob to “Brew” to make expresses in a sboly espresso machine with milk frother using coarse coffee powder making french press espresso coffee within burr coffee grinder using in coarse coffee grounds.

Sboly Espresso Machine reviews


Unplug and turn the control knob to the “Steam” position to release the residual pressure before removing the filter holder or water reservoir cap.

coffee mug cappuccino

Enjoy cappuccino with your families 

Coffee house quality at home -Enjoy rich savory cappuccinos alone or in the company of others. Sboly espresso machine reviews.

espresso,coffee powder tamper,sboly espresso machine

The espresso scoop has a flat bottom to pack down the grounds tightly to make a more potent shot, and may also be utilized as a stand HiBREW 51MM/58MM Tamper Coffee Powder Handle 304 Stainless Steel Solid Wood” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>coffee powder tamper for espresso coffee for sboly espresso machine reviews.

how to use milk forther
milk forther ,sboly espresso machine

The plastic component of the frothy wand can be removed for easy cleaning.

Caution every time frothing is done, remove the plastic component and use a wet cloth to clean the frothy wand in time, otherwise, the frothy wand could be clogged.

easy to clean espresso coffee machine

The drip tray collects any spillage to avoid messes and it is removable for easy cleaning.

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Frequent Q&A

1. Why doesn't milk frother work?
  • That frothy wand is clogged cause of this problem, please use a cleaning needle to unclog the small hole in the frothy wand.
  • TIPS: Clean the frothing wand as soon as possible after frothing.
2. Can the coffee pods be used in this machine?
  • No, this espresso machine only can brew grounds, the coffee pod is not compatible with it. coarse coffee grounds for burr coffee grinder machine
3. When making a cappccino, do I brew the coffee first and then froth milk?
  • No, we recommend doing all frothing before making any coffee drinks. sboly espresso machine with milk frother.
4. Can I open the water tank lid to add water while brewing espresso?
  • No, do not remove the filter holder or water tank lid during the operation and while the appliance is in a pressurized state until the appliance has released the pressure and cooled down the sbloy coffee maker.
5. What is the maximum water and coffee powder for this espresso machine?
  • There is a scale “2” and “4” in the carafe and filter, scale “4” is the max line, water or coffee powder shouldn’t pass max line,sboly espresso machine review.
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